Sundays are for lovers (and bikes)


And sleeping in, lesiurley rides and delicious treats.

well at least thats how i think it should be – woke up this morning feeling light and ready to roll which was been a nice change from the sluggish oh my god what IS LIFE i just slept for 9 hours and STILL woke up tired!

work has been super busy and even with the best intentions i had of going to the gym after i finished really just took a back seat this week … 13 hour days and bulk travel really just took it out of me this time round and i figured, hey. just listen to your body its tired so take it easy, and … i did!

being my first day off, today i wasn’t in too much of a hurry to get going – i pottered around the house once i got up for a bit did some washing and put some clothes away, around 7am i put the heater on and rolled out on the foam roller for a bit while i waited for the coffee to pour then i planned my day ahead (plans loosely consisting of : ride, strength session, roll home, lunch, possibly / definitely a nap) as soon as i clipped in and rolled out the laneway i immediately regretted the following :

1. no gloves 2. no buff 3. no gilet / winter riding jacket

HOLY.FUCK. it was cold, and the sun was up! i pulled my sleeves down over my knuckles and swore the whole way down beach road. rookie mistake. just cause the sun is up, doesn’t mean its going to be warm. at least it wasn’t wet, windy or any of the other great winter delights.

so i rode down beach road, down along the promenade and back along to the breakwater – nothing crazy i had a backpack filled with gym gear and treats haha so it really was about getting out first thing and getting the blood moving, warming the body up and getting that colour into the cheeks and mainly, it was such a beautiful morning with barely a cloud in the sky and the sun out, apart from the brisk reality that it was actually kinda freaking freezing you could  almost have been conned into thinking the seasons had changed and we were into spring,

wishful thinking brought to a screaming halt by the somewhat glaringly obvious puddle which was in reality about 5 inches deep of thick boggy mud… i listened to the mud flick up onto my backpack and grimaced. yep. probably should invest in a mudguard this winter too haha it didn’t dampen my spirits or my butt too much 🙂

in anycase if you are just starting out riding, most cities and towns will have invested into dedicated bike paths, away from motor traffic in amongst gardens, around beaches, through parks etc – these are great to start off, to grow some confidence, and to be honest more than anything i think its also pretty fucking rad to see just how beautiful your area really is!

most bike paths are laced along the most scenic parts of the city, most of which you’ve probably missed out on seeing! so treat it as an adventure, a small one to start with – get familiar with your area, get familiar with the feeling … a 5 km bike ride today, might mean a 10km bike ride the next! so start small and remember no one is born a pro! … except maybe Taylor Phinney. but he is definitely the exception.

once you start, your miles ahead of where you were yesterday … and that goes for everything in life. don’t let fear hold you back, and don’t fear what others may think – because i can gaurantee you whatever they do think, doesn’t really matter in the scheme of things.

keep doing you and keep being rad!

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