OK SO FIIIIIIINALLLY i picked up my new bike, i had originally planned to race (longsghot i know haha) the PACC cx on sunday in Adelaide – but with my bike still being in the box in the shop, it was a good excuse for me not too. Ive been so busy with work and setting up Babes Ride Bikes that i really haven’t had time to train so it was probably a blessing in disguise anyway as we rolled down from home on the roadies for a look and to say hello and show some support to our mates – its probably a 10km ride MAX into the city where they held the race … and yeah. um. i was pretty buggered. its been a while since i had been out doing a ride that wasn’t a short commute – I’m not ashamed to say I’ve lost a lot of my bike fitness, thats life it happens. I just know now where i need to be and what i need to do to get there and I’m completely fine with that.

I think there is a lot of pressure out there to be THE BEST – the fastest, the best skills, the fittest – and i think broadly and generally in life that probably is a little much to expect from yourself.

Its great to be inspired by other people, but when being inspired takes you into the grey area of COMPARISON i think that’s where a lot of people fall down and start to feed that negative talk in their head. Your never going to be someone else, your never going to achieve what they achieve, your never going to look like them, move like them, talk like them, walk like them, ride like them. Because they are unique AND SO ARE YOU. that’s probably the most important thing to remember – be inspired but never compare.

Not everyone will be able to get on a bike and ride 100kms – not everyone will even want to!

not everyone will want to ride road, so why force yourself

not everyone will want to wear lycra, so don’t ETC ETC …. you get where I’m going here right?

the most important thing is to do what YOU want to do, train as much as you want to train, ride as much or as little as you like, on whatever and however you choose – if your comparing yourself and your abilities to others – you will always fall short.

you are not them. they are not you.

just have fun doing what YOU want

YOUR RIDE YOUR LIFE YOUR RULES – as long as you are enjoying yourself and feeling good about what you are doing that’s all that matters. so if you feel comfortable just commuting …. just commute! if you want to try different things, try them – maybe you’ll pick up something new. but never force yourself to be something or someone your not because a) you won’t be able to sustain it for long b) you won’t enjoy it c) you put unnecessary stress in your life by placing unnecessary expectations on yourself !

just do what you can, when you can, if you can and how you can. everybody is different, if you’ve only recently gotten on a bike again like many of us have – don’t COMPARE yourself to someone who has been riding for the last 15 years – holy shit. just don’t! your abilities and skill set will be worlds apart – use that person to inspire and learn from but just be kind to yourself because we all start somewhere, and if you keep at it, one day, someone will be inspired by YOU.

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