Commuter Cup Fashion Review


Commuter cup 101 be comfortable in your cycling attire, if you know your going to be in the saddle for more than a few hot kms probably wise to ensure you have a chamois between your legs, i wore this for an easy cruise to meet friends in the city for a coffee (around 30kms) and had a second pair of seamless shorts underneath my short shorts, did the nut butter spread ( aka rubbed some chamois/choony cream around the sensitive lady parts ) though not ideal i knew it was going to be hot – it was. i knew i was going to take it easy – i did.

CAMEL TOE RATING 6/10 | less than comfortable but ovaries not made redundant, should still be able to bare child.

TECH FABRIC RATING 2/10 | safe to say the designers of this cheap pair of shorts had one thing in mind, budget. moisture wicking fabric to ensure that the sweat running down your back from your backpack is caught in one sweet ass sweat line, catch a bit of breeze from a passing vehicle or riding past a shop with the aircon on full noise and feel that baby drop your butt cheek temp by 10 degrees. refreshing. otherwise, strap yourself in for a hot, stinking ride home. feel the burn.

BABE RATING 8/10 | Enjoyed my Long black over ice at cibo looking like a babe. scored extra points for matching up the colors from grip tape, to spds, to shirt, to helmet – nothing more pro than colour co-ordinated civvy kit to match your bike.

Then rode home in the blistering heat, arrived at the front door covered in sweat and dust, had helmet burn on my forehead in sweet racing stripes and generally looked like a hot mess. collapse onto tiles and moan about how much you hate summer.

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