Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset

Don’t worry guys I haven’t forgotten you all – this holiday season has been crazy busy with work, I’ve taken a little time to myself and happy to say I’m feeling that creative itch again.
Sometimes a break is needed, I love photography and I love art, but i don’t want to create content just for the sake of it.
I was really overwhelmed by the response I received from my last post – it generated a lot of feedback and discussions – to those who emailed me with their stories I feel bloody blessed that you would share with me and I’m stoked to hell to hear that cycling has changed so many lives for the better!
The community that I feel cycling in Australia – and it’s definitely not limited to our fine country, but our community at the moment is buzzing. The support and the positivity is flowing, I’m pretty active on Instagram and seeing post after post and positive comment after positive comment of encouragement and people raising others up is truly wonderful.
I haven’t had a chance yet to pen part 2 but it will happen – and of course y’all be the first to know!
For now please enjoy the above – It’s not much I know – but I love these photos so I hope you do too!
Stay rad, and I’ll see you soon x

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