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It really is amazing, how you can slip on an item of clothing & feel completely transformed. I am absolutely positive when Violet & I  designed the Matilda maxi skirt, it was made especially for me… it wasn’t of course 😛 But that’s exactly how it feels! Elegant & Sexy and a little Vintage i feel so absolutely feminine when wearing it… Already it is fast becoming my favorite standout piece for the season, i am having fun styling it, and even more fun wearing it! which is what fashion should be about.

In an effort to balance the volume of the skirt out fashun 101, i decided to go for a fitted 1/4 sleeve crop – which i have multitudes of in every colour but didn’t seem to have one in black – so out came the scissors and a quick sayonara to an old work shirt and voila – not only did i just save myself a few dollars i had an instant wardrobe update – the joy of jersey fabrics being that it will roll on the bottom & no need for sewing. perfect for people like me, who will get out the machine  sit and stare at it, willing it to sew itself. then use it as a clothes horse and pack it up 6 months later. still will unhemmed clothing looking woefully unstitched haha

I will be repeating this whole outfit, many times over. because a) i feel great in it b) cause do i really need another reason? if you find something that works for you – WERK IT

and – the 3 key pieces i am wearing here ARE AUSTRALIAN BRANDS brought from Australian designers, doing amazing things!  ❤

Wearing :

MATILDA Maxi Skirt –  Violet & I

Montana Midnight Muse – Lack Of Color

Krystle Knight Quartz Necklace – Save the Last Pinker  20% OFF CODE “JEWELS” use at checkout before Midnight 25/5/14

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