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So, after an unseasonably amazing first half of May – cheers mother nature! I am super glad to have chosen the Deconstruct Coast to style for Wish’s latest Style Challenge – this year they have also partnered up with Honda Australia for “Winter In The City” Β after technically being pretty handicapped from the get-go (Regional bloggers put your hands up!!!!!) and no cityscape to speak of, i had to work with what i had – and the blustery rainy & freezing cold conditions were pretty much on-point for the winter part of the challenge!

I chose the style my Wish Deconstruct coat with a tough yet feminine edge – With Vegan Leather pants

(AHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA who am i kidding. they are pleather kids the less fashunable way to refer to imitation leather) Black Pumps, Black Bag to carry a thousands varying shades of pink lipgloss, and of course my beanie. which is a GOD SEND when its windy to keep hair somewhat tamed and to ensure that your face remains semi whiplash free. To soften it up & to breakup the black, i opted to layer a loose fitting lace trimmed blouse. This is actually one of my summer blouses as it has an open back but add a 3/4 white undershirt and your good to go! I thought i would add a cute little marquasite brooch on the lapel that was given to me by my workmates wife – even adding a tiny detail like that can really up the notch from casual, to … ahh the next level up. plus. sparkles.

The Wish Deconstruct jacket kept me pretty toasty i must say with its faux shearling fuzzy insides, and awesome lined hood i was pretty happy to be wearing it! As with my other Wish Coat from last season, i’m pretty sure this will find its way into my daily life for the next 6 months. Cheers Victoria!

Keep up to date with Honda on their Facebook HERE on there Twitter HERE

& Keep up to date with my mates at Wish HEREΒ and on Instagram HERE

Goodluck to everyone – as always with every season’s style challenge i am blown away by the level & quality of the images that come through!

Thanks to Honda Australia & Wish xox

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