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So, supporting Australians, and buying local is something i’m pretty big on. If you haven’t already noticed … but when i have the chance to support someone who is supporting others, well that just makes the pay it forward good vibe train chug along pretty nicely.

I was fortunate enough to meet two pretty cool people from Sydney, who happened to be staying at the hotel that i work at – from a quick discussion on check-in about social media and a “hey you don’t seem like a complete creep” instagram follow has resulted in one pretty genuine friendship. Which if you have ever had the pleasure of meeting this couple, you’ll know that people this awesome, are few and far between.

and so ….

Fare Well Co. was born – it is a company with a conscience, born from the desire to contribute something positive to a world which seems increasingly troubled.

Their garments are responsibly made using 100% organic fabrics, some are second hand up-cycled items & they donate all profits from the sale of these products to programs which take steps to address global poverty and environmental issues – Room to Read and the Save the Tasmanian Devil appeal.

Their aim is to provide high quality, ethically made clothing, to raise funds, awareness and inspire action in our first world society, where ‘place’ is much talked about – yet where people are increasingly out of place and out of step with nature and people of the ‘developing’ world.

Fare Well Co garments have a simple, classic style influenced by the quality workmanship of the past whilst setting standards for a better future. In choosing their products you are supporting them, a supply chain of ethical businesses and their overall ideal.

i don’t know about you, but its pretty freakin scary to think that a native Australian animal, could well become extinct in my lifetime.

and its pretty hard to fathom that Over 60 million primary school-aged children around the world do not have access to education and most of these kids will never learn to read or write.

growing up in the Lucky Country, its pretty easy to take things for granted, i couldn’t imagine, being a kid, and not having the pleasure of reading a book!

i spent so many lunchtimes at the library nose deep in the fiction section. (‘uge nerd right here!)

if a difference can be made, with one t shirt, hell, that’s pretty amazing.

not to mention the bevvy of local suppliers you are supporting in what is in itself an ever increasing challenge for Australian fashion and business’ alike



Clothing with a Conscious

Wearing Sass & Bide Husley Strutters

Fare Well Co T shirt

Deus Ex Machina Backpack

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