As always, when shirts get this rad – you have to be quick. Never hesitate to add to cart, or you will be

forever kicking yourself that you missed out.

you cant shop this shirt, but you can shop other cool shit here – next on my list is the fyxo ‘king bright light

after been woken at “fucking WHATΒ o’clock” this morning (4.30am) cheers for that – him off to the bunch ride & me to go lift heavy tings at the gym –

i couldn’t see shit in-front of me… i was able to leave home, lift shit, and return home still under the cover of absolute darkness.

after falling up the front step, i mentally added to cart and checked out. albeit i was on foot – but

it was actually a pretty nice morning to be out and about on two wheels – last night too, not too cool, not too warm, not a breath of wind but

Β as i am seriously lacking in the lighting rig up front – no bike for me at dumb o’clock. which was a damn shame.

cause it would have ruled so hard over getting ready to go to work.

so research has begun …. CX bike this winter? I’m actually a little bummed i didn’t have my shit together earlier – after the fine folks at Dirty Deeds CX run / ran a womens specific cx skills

clinic in melburn this past Saturday – every year they are helping more & more ladies get rad… in the meantime i guess i should go practice my dismounts and barrier jumps down at the


ciao xxx

2 thoughts

  1. I’ve been following you in instagram for a while now but somehow I discovered just now that you have a blog too, and I must say.. MAN I’M IN LOVE WITH IT!

  2. Gah I’m annoyed I missed that skills session too. Now you’ve made me look up CX videos online, and I’m going to watch the prologue on Friday night. And if I like it (which I’m betting I do based on the videos) I might participate in the next one. And I do need a new bike with gears anyway, so why not make it a CX bike? LOOK WHAT YOU’VE DONE! That escalated quickly.

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