smoke em if you got em


This week i learnt :

trust no dog especially if it has your dog by the throat and is obsessive over your cat.
riding your bike is fucking fun. || side note: if you don’t have one, get one. also, get a helmet. and wear it.

stupid is as stupid does

 and in the last 3 minutes i’ve decided i will be taking a more casual approach to my blogging… because :

1. It is far more enjoyable
2. It is not as intrusive, doesnt require a tripod or reluctant sigh ‘ing’ from the ring in photographer
3. Its real – its life – its mine – its mundane at times – but its mine and did i mention that its real ?
4. All of these shots where taken on an iphone when out an about over the last week (bar the fuck off one, but yolo).

5. An iphone weighs waaaaaay less than a slr, its waaaaaay smaller & way more convenient. waaaaaaay.

6. I don’t need to spend the rest of the afternoon sorting through images, cropping, deleting, adjusting, selecting, logging in, uploading, blah blah blah. yawn. im already bored maytttte

7. more time for living. yay!

8. Ahhhh pretty much, as soon as i got to point 1 – the decision was already made. sold. wrap it up.

9. unrelated but … i spend too much time on instagram – i just started searching the pc keyboard for the emjoi button, shits just got real.

10. I actually really like wearing black. it’s bad ass.

so onto the clothes cause its about farshun – this is technically two outfit posts in one – yowza. breaking the internet one post at a time.

actually someone asked me on instagram if i was waiting for a bus in one of these photos, and why someone would photograph me waiting for a bus. and my first thought was .. fucking jerk. then i thought about it and i was all like, yeah – i feel you man. its pretty ridiculous. really. like, you’ve never seen a girl wearing black skinny jeans and a denim shirt before right … ? its not exactly groundbreaking, nor is it winning nobel prizes or aiding the fight against – anything. maybe nudity. it wins that. for sure … but yeah i know, i get it.

but fashion isn’t meant to be serious, its fun, its life, it changes to suit moods personalities, weather, situations – its constantly evolving and recycling itself. its with you every minute of the day. until you slide out of those birkenstocks, slip off that dress, peel off those jeans and get buck naked at the end of the day. and then i thought hang on a minute, IS YOUR LO-FI FILTERED BLURRY PHOTO OF A UNDEREXPOSED GRAINY WHAT LOOKS LIKE CURRY IN A DARK PUB CORNER SAVING LIVES? no NO it isn’t. HUNGER yes. but less judging please. also. i love curry.

but back to my semi-defence of said photo – its life. i like it. so. there. ill be photographed waiting for a bus if i want to. and if tumblrs didn’t have a

“girl waiting for a bus denim shirt half tuck black jean black hat combo” reference


i kid…. kind of – but to break it down … i am wearing the following

denim shirt – target | its split the seams at the back, i made a half assed attempt to hand sew it up … with brown thread. failed. its also missing two studs,

and gapes at the boobs. #reallife  // i didn’t get my girl guide patch for sewing.

Black ripped jeans – Sportsgirl // H & M (the loose ones on the bike)

Black muscle t & trucker cap – Deus Ex Machina

‘Irkenstocks – Birkenstock

Quartz Necklace – Krystle Knight Jewelry from Save the last Pinker

Black Felt Hat – Sportsgirl (Current)

Slouch Bag – Op Shop, its ugly as hell but i don’t even care.

and guess what .. i brought it all. with my own money. and i even scraped together 2.40 for that coffee. it actually cost $4.something so i had to borrow a couple of bucks.

and i didn’t even give that sucker back their change.

Road Bike – Giant Propel 2014 (demo bike from the local bike shop) thanks for the lend boys !

One thought

  1. hahaha this post made my morning, you’re a legend! and if you can look shit hot in skinnys, singlet and a hat then why not? Look forward to more posts where I can actually afford to replicate the look with my own money haha much love xx

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