So, here I am – Sunday morning at work, its a long weekend here in Victoria & I am gazing out the window at the hundreds of people making the ritual morning walk to the folk festival compound with their best “city does folk” outfits & camp chairs. I’m Putting off doing the rostering, procrastinating by eating a banana and daydreaming about not having to stand in line behind 100 people for a coffee.

Now, as coffee for me is a long way off… and rostering imminent, I am going to share with you the absolutely ground breaking outfit post above. blue jeans, white shirt. holy mother of god I am a fashion icon. jokes. but if I truly think about, my daily attire, If I am not at the gym or at work – i’m in jeans. black varying shades of blue ripped flared skinny you name it I own it and if it wasn’t 30 degrees today I’d probably be wearing it.

It seems however, that no matter how many pairs of jeans I own, there is always room for more… as I if I am on a secret quest to the holy grail of denim, the pair that will need to be prised from my backside with a crowbar, or cut off. the holy grail second skin of denim.

These Ziggy Sticks & Bones Vintage wash are CLOSE … CLOSE to being my HG, But not quite. they are definitely highest in my rotation, but only because my black distressed H&M have gone to denim heaven.


also, before I go, lets just take a moment to oooh and ahhh over this krystle knight “altitude” ring from Save the Last Pinker – holy mother of quartz. yes.

it hasn’t left my finger since Wednesday …. well, it has, but even in the night I abruptly open one eye, look to my bedside table make eye contact with it then fall asleep content.  I’m trying to ease myself into the accessories world, and I think this is the perfect start of what could become an addictive and expensive habit.

I’ve already got my eye on 2 more pieces from Krystle’s range, so I guess I better put in some more hours behind the desk!

ciao lovers

Jeans – Ziggy Denim

Jacket – Op Shop

T Shirt – CottonOn

Ring – Krystle Knight from Save The Last Pinker

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