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Well, I’m two days late to post, but sometimes you know – life happens.

After picking up this Vintage dress from the local opshop – (score!) i had been dying to wear it, so when an email from Lillian Nai designer Kaylene, popped up in my inbox regarding her new label & current collection, I knew that this lovely lilac pair of Summer Daze heels would fit just nicely in my closet (ok who am i kidding, it’s a shoedrobe, on the floor …shoes everywhere)

When i read Lillian Nai’s Collection story, i was pretty much sold straight away – “THIS COLLECTION REFLECTS THE JOURNEY ONE TAKES WHEN THE FLOWERS START TO BLOSSOM, FRAGRANCES OF TIGER LILIES FILL THE HOUSE AND MAXI DRESSES BLOW IN THE WIND. WHEN ROAD TRIPS TO THE BEACH AND DRINKING COCKTAILS AS THE COLOUR OF THE SKY CHANGES INTO STARS.”Β  take my money, take it all!!!!! i think in pictures (haha does that even make sense? dont answer! ), and reading the collection notes i was instantly transported to a much needed holiday.

Being tall i often find it quite difficult to find beautiful shoes in my size, so i was super chuffed to see that this label was born of love and the fact that the designer had similar problems to me – she found it difficult to find stylish high quality shoes, and instead of sooking about it, or just lamenting the fact that yeah, its THONGS …. AGAIN. She did something about it – and Lillian Nai doesn’t just cater for the larger hoofed ladies – she offers sizing from a super tiny 35 and upwards! including half sizes up to a 43.5! so in Australian Terms she has you covered from a size 4 to a 12.5! and everything in between.

I’m really glad to have found another new and exciting Australian based label, and i am looking forward to adding a few more pairs of heels to my ahhh … ever expanding collection. A girl can never have too many options, and i’m boosting the local economy. That’s what i’m going to keep telling myself anyway! I wore this outfit out for breakfast the morning after one of our friends wedding, not only did i feel feminine as fuck (wow, way to go) i was comfortable. i really need to wear more dresses. like really really. Also, so comforting to hide the food baby following the biggest eggs and bacon on super sized sourdough toast i have ever seen)

What about you? do you have any secret local designers you think i should check out?


Dress | Vintage – Op Shop

Heels | Lillian Nai Summer Daze in Lilac shop HERE

Sunglasses | Vintage Ted Lapidus – Op Shop

Bag | Spell & The Gypsy Dreamweaver in Turquoise (sold out) but you can shop similar HERE

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