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Wearing –  Chip Chop!  Raglan available HERE (Sign up & get 10% OFF your first order with the code CHIPCHOPNEWBIE !)

Sportsgirl Heels ( Brought these last may on clearance ) but they have a similar red pair ON SALE HERE

H&M Skirt from the OpShop – Cant replicate this one but you can see a similar one HERE

Ahh Summer, it seems to have finally arrived to us coastal Victorians – thank the lord because i am not sure just how many more beachside/gelato/hotdog-leg instagrams i could handle from my sydney / qld / perth based mates i love you – but when its 39 degrees there, and 17 here, i ain’t gonna lie. i feel a world away from you all! FINALLY got a chance to wear this H&M corduroy skirt i picked up at my local vinnies (tag still attached mind you! thanks for that!) a few weeks ago.

I normally shy away from skirts in general (weird i know but i feel like they don’t really suit my shape) , aaaaaaand i’m not one to wear alot of pink, but when i saw it hanging there, in all its flattering A line hot pink glory, i knew it would work perfectly with my ChipChop Raglan. I’m a casual dresser, i feel most at home in a t shirt or over sized tank top, i couldn’t even tell you how many plain grey marle t shirts i have, because they all just seem to melt into one huge drawer full of grey jersey. and i pretty much wear the same pair of jeans everyday. that’s my uniform. boring. i refer to it as girl next door chic, to make myself feel better about it.

so, i’m sorta still in my comfort zone here, same same but different and all that, and hell, why not add in my town bike, with matching pink flowers.(the bike was a impulse bid on ebay, which resulted in utter sadness + devastation following the advice that the bidding had ended, and jubilation 2 seconds after realizing that we were the winners, then confusion, and trying to plan, how i would transport it back to rural Victoria, from Glenelg in Adelaide, in my Mitsubishi mirage. haha )

Anyway, i felt very chic, and upon adding the pink skirt to my collection, i picked up another one two days later – this time a brown leather a line mini skirt!  > which i will show you soon! Have a great weekend lovelies!

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