Even the dullest of chores, like Laundry day, seem to be more enjoyable when you spend the time, with people you love.

Guess life really is about the company you keep – Sunday was a particularly awesome day for me – slept in & spent a gloriously sunny

morning  surrounded by bike parts at the FYXO swap meet, coffee supreme coffee,  birthday mud cake (thanks Melodie & HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDY) babies, dogs & laughs.

on the way home i stopped at the super servo just before geelong to fuel up & buy some ridiculously unripe cantaloupe from the farmers market – luckily, i also thought i liked the look of the pre cut pineapple –

which saved the day.

after cursing the roadworks, and the fact i was literally stopped on the freeway i started making headway again, when all you want is to get home, a relatively short trip seems to take forever.

The best part about going away,  sometimes is … coming home.

only  to be awoken at 2am by an unknown intruder, with a penchant for dog food.

Wearing Zippy Jeans ‘Sticks & Stones’ + White Body Suit ‘Target’ + Pink Cons – Converse. duh.


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