I know i know, i’m a little late to the ‘sport luxe’ party, don’t get me wrong i’ve been in the crowd cheering on fashions front runners who made tracksuit pants and heels look like the norm, but i was unsure if this could actually translate into the real world. it might look fashion forward on the streets of Melburn or Sydney – but what about little old Koroit? population – not many.

Truth be told, i admired girls who could pull these sorts of looks off, and i was slightly hesitant to even try this look because i didn’t think it would suit me, but i thought why the hell not,

its not something i would wear to the gym, of course, but to breakfast on a sunday morning? yes. yes i would.

and if the wedges aren’t your thing – slip them off and slip into a pair of cons. instant comfort, maximum cool.

I styled the Betts Joni Wedge with a pair of Edith Boutique Bittersweet Sweat Pants

a Valley Girl Crop Top & the Edith Boutique Faux Leather Cap

Jacket is from Target, and was a measly $10 in their recent winter blowout sale. score.

let me know what you think – is there a trend, be it past or present that you have been interested in but unsure if it would suit you?

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