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I’ve sat on this post now, for almost a fortnight, its been written, deleted, edited and re-written.

Sometimes i guess, less is more, and in this case, it feels right to cut to the chase –

I’ve never been truly inspired by someone before, until i met Andy.

He is the absolute point of difference in a sea of bodies trying to be somebodies – Because never set out to be anything, but himself.
For some reason or another, Andy saw something in me, and an opportunity was presented – this person who i admire, had helped me overcome some of my own challenges, to put myself out thereΒ to believe in myself, Β as someone else does.Β The experience has encouraged me to take chances, because usually they pay off. And if they don’t? whats the worst that could happen?


Also, to the Gentlemen that made “The Roof “happen – THANKYOU, not only were you all Gingers who liberally used the C word you were some of the friendliest, funniest & loveliest people to be around. Your my kind of people.

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