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There is a saying Fortune favors the brave – and for those not scared of heights, an opportunity awaits. In the weeks to come, this may prove a literal real-life life experience.
i am thankful that my experience with blogging so far has been positive, i have been able to connect with so many creative & inspiring people from across the globe,

a few that have transitioned to real life friends & confidantes.

One person in particular has become somewhat of a mentor, wether they know it or not, they are a daily source of inspiration – their passion, attitude & drive, make me want to be a better person.
no matter what happens, no matter what the weather, i am grateful for the opportunity just to be involved.

and if my feet never leave the ground, that’s ok.

Also, Wearing Friend of Mine – Tony Danza Top, Cotton On Anorak, Supre Pants, Sportsgirl Beanie, Revlon Lipstick in Cherry Blossom

despite the cat looking like she hates me, she loved it.

4 thoughts

    • Thanks Rosie! i have missed your face and kind words around the internets – made obvious by my post excercise endorphin fuelled sms bombardment the other day :)xxxx

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