March has been unseasonably warm for us, heading into our 11th day this month with temperatures over 30 degrees, not that i am complaining, of course. But as i sit here and type, it has dropped at least 10 degrees and the familiar smell of rain is welcoming. Steam is rising from the asphalt and with the impending onset of grey skies i am feeling as though my summer is well and truly evaporating right in-front of me.

I am not taking holidays this year, a combination of my work life not falling into rhythm with Jamies, and a serious lack of funds. So we decided to pack up the car and just drive….
We slowly watched the moon disapear over the horizon down into a blanket of darkeness, jamie held my hand, and Jack breathed his warm, comforting and slightly, um, smelly breath into my neck.
We were roadtrippin, watching the sun rise in the rear vision, and best of all we were together.
Seems fitting that this Wish dress is called “HIGHROAD” and is from the new campaign aptly titled “The Extra Mile” – I actually can’t wait for some cooler weather now, I’m looking forward to being able to wear this dress again with tights, boots, biker jackets, over the knee socks, its just so versatile, i think you are definitely going to see me posting about this one again soon, the best thing about a versatile dress is – you get your moneys worth. and for me right now, that is everything.
Wearing – Wish Dress “HIGHROAD”  + it comes with the belt!
Cotton on/ Rubi Shoes Boots (n/a online but i have seen them in some stores – And you can get them at Kmart too – and they are onsale!)
Equip Mixed Bangles Stack
Bangles from The Salvation Army Op Shop (the mustard, large dark & Gold/Black ethnic one)
Equip Sunray Necklace

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