WEARING | mysundayfeeling
my love affair for vintage gowns started around 7 years ago, after trolling ebay i came across a beautiful pale blue gown, with huge bat-wing sleeves and more polyester than you could poke a stick at ….
what stuck in my mind wasn’t so much the dress that i would never actually wear, it was the beautiful girl wearing it – her skin was dark, she looked like she spent every waking hour barefoot on the beach,  with the most amazing piercing eyes peeking out from a mop of long dark hair… the images of that gorgeous girl stayed with me long after i brought & re-sold the dress, and years later, i stumbled across a brand called mysundayfeeling … i couldn’t believe it, it was that babe from Byron who i had girl crushed over years before!
i am constantly in awe of her beauty, creativity & passion for producing beautiful pieces, all of which are one-off’s, with limited run sizes and exclusive fabrics no two dresses are the same.
and now, i own one, and i couldn’t be happier. i will treasure this until i am old and my boobs hang down, don’t  quote me on this, but if i make it to my 90th birthday, future grandchildren, look away nanna is going to wear her party dress.
peace & love

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