My First Hill

if it doesn’t work out, in your heart, you know you made the right choice at the right time and maybe you’ll surprise yourself. and be able to dig that little bit deeper, push up over that hill without complaining, without stopping, getting off or crying (ahem, guilty) and you’ll get to the top ALL ON YOUR GODAMN OWN.

cause hell…

YOU got this far.

Sundays are for lovers (and bikes)

once you start, your miles ahead of where you were yesterday … and that goes for everything in life. don’t let fear hold you back, and don’t fear what others may think – because i can gaurantee you whatever they do think, doesn’t really matter in the scheme of things.


YOUR RIDE YOUR LIFE YOUR RULES – as long as you are enjoying yourself and feeling good about what you are doing thats all that matters.

Commuter Cup Fashion Review

TECH FABRIC RATING 2/10 | safe to say the designers of this cheap pair of shorts had one thing in mind, budget. moisture wicking fabric to ensure that the sweat running down your back from your backpack is caught in one sweet ass sweat line, catch a bit of breeze from a passing vehicle or riding past a shop with the aircon on full noise and feel that baby drop your butt cheek temp by 10 degrees. refreshing.


  Don’t worry guys I haven’t forgotten you all – this holiday season has been crazy busy with work, I’ve taken a little time to myself and happy to say I’m feeling that creative itch again. Sometimes a break is needed, I love photography and I love art, but i don’t want to create content …


ahhh the case of the broken link solved! I believe this posted and was shared across my socials but the link was dead! Well consider it Resurrected! Brought back from the murky depths of the Internets!